Tuesday, September 14, 2010

e-cology in the Pan Micro Series 27

Knowledge Management: Pan-micro every day to experience and information into productivity

Knowledge management process is painful, and over time will lead to low operational efficiency throughout the company. But once all employees develop a knowledge management practices in the future, the company will benefit from endless!

From the first day of the implementation of knowledge management to more than two years now, the pan-Micro also experienced a kind of knowledge course. Many previous knowledge is stored in each of the brain, their time of need can be out in such a way when a small company may still be valid, but as the business and become more complex and variable, and only scattered in every head out to share knowledge and make use of the time, 1 +1> 2 immediately apparent reason.

Of course, knowledge management more important is the need for certain systems and knowledge of strategies to operate, or difficult to implement.

Currently Weaver e-cology of all employees through the system every day to share their experiences and use the experience of other colleagues. Weaver's staff can not do without e-cology has been fully carried out the work. Effectiveness of knowledge management has received!

More than two years accumulated knowledge has resulted in a large pan Micro Knowledge Base, Weaver Knowledge of our staff every day stream of power!

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